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WELCOME to the QUAMETEC™ Website!

Quametec™ has been assisting laboratories world-wide via consulting, training, and the provision of economical Microsoft® Excel® open-math VBA based software tools for the calculation of measurement uncertainty, false accept risk management, confidence testing, proficiency testing and other metrology laboratory applications since 1998.

We provide software and services to Calibration, Inspection and Testing Laboratories seeking or maintaining accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025 and ANSI/NCSL Z540.3.



Quametec Institute of Measurement Technology:


Online education in metrology and measurement uncertainty analysis.

The online Institute provides numerous Q&A public forums and software user groups.

Products and Software Tools:


Quametec™ provides specialized economical practical open-math Microsoft® Excel® VBA software solutions for measurement uncertainty analysis along with other metrological and ISO/IEC17025 management tools.


Metrology & ISO17025 Consulting:


Project Management, Guidance and/or Assistance in preparing your laboratory in meeting the ISO/IEC17025 Accreditation Requirements.


Our Specialty: Measurement Uncertainty Analysis


Quametec™ is widely known for our ISO/IEC 17025 Uncertainty Analysis requirement solutions! Our focus on the requirements, combined with our renowned software tool UncertaintyToolbox, makes the task of computing measurement uncertainty in compliance with ISO 17025 easy and efficient, and has made QUAMETEC™ the leading choice for commercial uncertainty analysis solutions.


Currently well over 800 accredited laboratories and several national laboratories internationally are using UncertaintyToolbox™, with several new laboratories being added to our satisfied clients list each month. QUAMETEC™ also provides hands-on measurement uncertainty training for assessors of various accreditation bodies as well as for those seeking to become accredited. The Quametec™ uncertainty training class is the only class in the industry with a learning guarantee and FREE student analysis review!


A recent survey of laboratories that have purchased UncertaintyToolbox™ revealed that 100% of the registered users we were able to contact are still using our tool to meet their ISO/IEC17025 accreditation requirements. Many of these users told us that they had purchased one or more of our competitors products prior to buying ours, but have never used them successfully in meeting the requirements for one reason or another. Assessors attending our uncertainty workshops have told us that they encounter our software more often than any of our competitors when assessing labs for compliance. Many of them decided to purchase our software or attend our workshop after they encountered our software while performing an assessment.


Measurement Uncertainty Software Comparison Chart:

Don't be fooled by flashy advertising and misleading comparison charts created by someone trying to sell your their software while failing to address the many features our software has that theirs doesn't have, important features; such as "Measurement Range Uncertainty Estimation"! At the time of this posting, ours is still the ONLY software, that we are aware of, with the ability to produce range uncertainty statements. In fact, we created our software in 2003 due to the fact that we could not find anything but single point calculators. The method employed in our software is based on the same common practical approach currently used by many National Laboratories. A practical approach to measurement uncertainty requires such a tool. This probably explains why so many accredited laboratories use "UncertaintyToolbox™" to meet the ISO/IEC17025 requirements.

When it comes to comparison charts, well, it should be obvious that a fair and balanced evaluation of products can not be provided by one whom has a vested interest in one of the products. We love our product, meaning we too are biased, therefore, we won't insult your intelligence by presenting you with another biased comparison chart.

We highly recommend that you call references before you choose anyone's uncertainty estimation products or services. Quametec™ products are developed by a programmer that is also a recognized trainer of ISO/IEC17025 assessors with over 30 years of metrology management experience. Our tools are designed specifically to meet the accreditation requirements in an efficient and effective manner. Most new clients are referred to us by our many other satisfied clients or by their consultant; although if you are new to Quametec™, we would be happy to provide you numerous references with contact names and phones numbers for any of our services or products. Call 1-810-225-8588 and Karen, our Customer Service Manager, would be happy to provide you with a list via fax or email.

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MSC 2007 Paper
James Jenkins of Quametec's paper on sigma estimates using the normal and Student's t-distribution was given as part of the Measurement Science Conference proceeding's on Jan 26th 2007. The download includes a large Monte Carlo experiment in Microsoft Excel®. You can download the paper and the supporting Excel workbook here. Download file size = 8.9MB (Size on disk once decompressed = over 18MB)
Download MSC 2007 Paper

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