Metrology and ISO/IEC17025 Consulting
ISO 17025 Consulting, Measurement Uncertainty & Metrology Consulting

Due to resource limitations and a growing demand for our products and services, we have had to readdress our priorities with respect to the many services we have historically provided. We believe it will be more beneficial to the metrology industry, in general, for us to focus our limited resources in the development of our unique Microsoft Office based metrology software products and our online metrology institutes' self-paced training programs.

As a result, we have had to limit our resources associated with our consulting services. With demand already overcoming our resources in this area, we have implemented the following:

1) We are no longer accepting government contracts due to increasing invoicing complications resulting in significant internal costs and unscheduled consumption of our limited resources.

2) We are no longer providing consulting services or measurement uncertainty training for forensic science, chemistry laboratories or organizations other than Commercial Calibration, Inspection, and Product Test Laboratories within the United States and Canada.

3) Those within our current family of clients are given priority in scheduling.

Please be advised, we do not provide referrals to other consultants, however, most laboratory accrediting bodies provide a list of consultants that you can reference.

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